The Mother and Daughter That No One Mistakes for Twins


Some people really do be trying it out here, trying to belong even where they didn’t RSVP. After three Black ladies were in a picture and no one could tell who amongst them was the Mama, folks thought they could play this game too. Knowing good and damb well they don’t even go to this school.

This is the tweet that got folks feeling left out:

Mom, twin & me.❤️

— Kaylan Mahomes (@kaylan_17) January 28, 2016

UNCRACKING BLACK AT ITS FINEST. Mom is the one on the left, by the way. Just.. ridiculous for you to be in your mid 30s and still legit look like a teenager.

Anywho, another mother and daughter set have been making rounds talmbout how folks can’t tell them apart. The entire internet basically replied with “BISHWHERE?” I don’t like to talk about God’s children (I’m lying) but the mother is 33, and says people mistake her for her teenage daughter.

This picture is a visual representation of “The devil is a tired ass liar.” Just look.

Mother Daughter Nontwins

Unless the girl on the left is the Mom, this ain’t no trick question. Who can’t tell the difference? They should really get those cataracts fixed. I don’t even understand how this became a thing and who lied to them so bad.

But like, the Mom is 33, y’all. That woman is only 2 years older than me. What happened? Did moisturizer fail her? I just feel like there is a story to tell here. And this hair. Why this hair?

I posted the picture on my Facebook profile page and my friends proceeded to nullify any Heavenly VIP passes I might have had as I cackled like a troll at their comments. They let them have it.

Amy: This reminds me of the mom and daughters in the car, where you said black don’t crack. White do fright? There’s a better joke in there but I can’t find it.

Jessica: Not black definitely DOES crack. And these two are smoking crack if they think they look the same age.

TamTee: Bless their hearts. And faces.

Erin: The most horrifying thing about this is that she’s 33.

Sope:  I was like 33….wait what??? So ur skin is just….alll the collagen and elastin was like good-day ma’am and just checked out at 15? what is the meaning of this???

Susan: They would have been okay if they had simply claimed that people mistook the mom for an older sister. But not tell them apart? Um no, unless it was a blind person feeling their hair. Which um, also no.

Alexis: I thought this was that story where the mom was encouraging the daughter’s stripping to pay for their plastic surgery at first. Man, they tried so hard though. E for effort.

you tried nicki gif

Arlene: Ha! So the excessive makeup, 80s crimps and fried bouffant are supposed to blind us to the ravages of aging whilst White?! Oh. Yeah. Okay. Not so much, tho.

Mallori: OH BUT OF COURSE!!!!! White people white peopling once again and failing per always.

Sue: Jesus be a makeover.

Latisha: Ma’am…and lil ma’am, we can see the difference. Oh, and I just took a call for you. The 90s was on the line…they want that crimping iron back. #StaceyQ1and2

Nora: If I ever behave like this with my daughter, please slap me sane. Thank you in advance.

Denise: They’re right. There’s no way that Stevie Wonder could tell them apart.

Nora: His blindness has heightened all of his senses. He knew before they went public.

Tisha: Lmao! It’s black that don’t crack! B-l-a-c-k! BLACK! Ya girl probably 30 but look at least 48!

Christi: Also, I’m so sorry for whatever happened to cause the daughter to lose her chin.

Emma: She will never be able to fold towels.

Nora: Hard living and dehydration from a lifetime of thirst will age a woman.

Wendi:  If you put the mother next to my white poodle, that’d at least be a challenge.


Tell di troof

Arlene: I bet the mama still wears pants with “Juicy” on the butt and tries to steal the little girls boyfriends thereby guaranteeing a life of therapy for Lil Miss.

Eva: Where do you get a working crimping iron in 2016? #curious

Tracy: The real question should’ve been “can you tell who has an actual rat living in their hair?” Because, seriously.

Rene: The kid looks like Rick Astley.

Jessica: I think we have to mention that their strategy was clearly not to make the mother look younger but to just make the daughter ALSO look like a 50-year-old shopping in the juniors section. That makeup! That hair. WUT.

Sope: I’m mad about this. They tried the fuck out of us with this. Trolling ass trolls. Like why are we even here?

Tonja: Which one is the disgruntled potato?

Karisa: Also, why are they going so hard in the paint with the crimping iron…DAMN!!!

Shatani: Crimp for your life!!!

Karisa: *crimp walking*

Shatani: Crimpin ain’t easy!

Karisa: Straight Outta Crimpton!!!

Eureka: That Crimp N Curl Cabbage Patch AIN’T NEVA NO 33 YRS OLD!!

Honey: Sad thing is both of them look old. One just look waaaaaaaay older than the other. #WhiteDunCracked

Robert: There is no Black girl magic to report here!

Cm: This reminds me of a line from my favorite MLK speech…”SOMEBODY LIED TODAY!!”-MLK Speech lol

Jennifer: This seems too easy. What if the mom is the one on the left and the daughter was raised in a tanning bed and has chain-smoked since she was 3? It’s a trick question. That’s what I’m going with.

Amy: OMG wait, that woman is 33 years old? She looks fifty! Which is fine, as long as you’re not going around saying you look like your daughter.

Tst: White Privilege comes at the Dorian Grey cost. po thangs.

Damacia: Who lied to this woman? I need answers. They need to be slapped for that treacherous lie. Having this woman out here believing that mess too.

Amy: Mom clearly needs better people. And little miss needs an intervention before she follows her mother down the road to destructive premature aging.

Ayoka: You think the jowls gave it away? Lmao! Crimping your hair doesn’t make you 16. #fail

Jennifer: She hasn’t any friends?


Cool mom

Stephanie: The mom is giving me a blonde Allison Janney… And 33? When, 15 years ago?


Sharetta: I’ll take “The Older One w/the grey roots on the Right” for $300 & the win, Alex. Really?

Stephon: now,y’all stop. You know it’s hard out there for the crimps.

I’m so done with all of them. No behavior to be found ANYWHERE, man. Sans behavior. Behavior deficiency is an epidemic on my pages.

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