Taf Toys Newborn Gym | Large, Extra Padded Play Gym For Easier Development & Easier Parenting High Contrast Illustrative Supersize Mat, Soft Removable Arches, Musical Environment With Colorful Ball

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Taf toys provide fun as well as inspire babies’ imagination. All Taf toys are created with the intention to promote your baby’s emotional, cognitive, and physical development during their first two years of growth.

Treat Your New-Born Baby With This Musical, Extra Cozy, Thickly Padded Play Gym.

Baby Gym Mat – The Taf Toys Newborn Gym has been especially designed to aid new-born baby’s development. This large 36 x 36 inch (90 x 90cm) gym has a luxurious, super soft center circle, providing a cozy, comfortable place for even the new born baby.

The Mat Sides – The two sides of the mat can be raised to create a snug environment, revealing high contrast illustrations in a baby-book style, designed to help baby’s visual development in the early stages, along with a large baby-safe mirror.

Removable Arches – The removable arches provide plenty of hanging options for each of the 3 vibrantly colored detachable toys. As baby grows, remove the arches to reveal a play mat with even more exciting activities. Baby can embark on a voyage around the mat to discover a teether, squeaker and crinkling parts, whilst enjoying the richly colored illustrations, designed to stimulate parent-baby interaction.

Hanging Toys – Baby will be intrigued by the lovable jittering fish, chime bell cat and the colorful musical ball which plays amusing melodies and sounds ranging from gentle jazz to classical string orchestra. All of the soft toys provide an abundance of grabbing and chewing options, that all help to develop baby’s senses and motor skills.

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✓ SNUG ENVIRONMENT – This gym is made for your Newborn baby. The gym comes with thickly padded arches and large size mat. The super size gym for new born is large 36 x 36 inch in size which provides your baby a very cozy environment. Your baby can move around easily and very freely. The mat’s two sides can be elevated, when the arches are attached, the cozy environment is created for the baby.
✓BASE MAT-The mat is made of soft appealing fabric with vibrant coloured base and nature pictures. The contrast colored pictures and illustrations which would catch baby’s attention as well as help in enabling baby’s development too.
✓SOFT REMOVABLE ARCHES – There are toys like musical ball, jittering fish and a chime bells cat which are attached to the arches. The toys are detachable and there are many hanging options for each of the toy to arrange on the arches. So baby can enjoy the toys for long time. No more monotonous life for the baby with same sequence of toys.
✓ MUSICAL AND COLORFUL – The gym is equipped with colorful musical ball which plays charming musical pieces ranging from gentle jazz to classical string orchestra. Your baby would simply love it and no doubt will enjoy it.
✓BABY’S SAFETY – Two sides of the mat can be elevated to keep baby safe. It creates most comfortable environment to provide your baby a safe feeling. This also gives mom and dad an assurance of baby’s safety and keeps them away from worrying the child.