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Blood is the second Invasion Point located in Krokuun (Argus).

Invasion Points can be entered through Invasion Rifts that are found on Argus in all areas – Krokuun, Mac’Aree and Stygian Wake. The scenario’s intended for more than one player. We had a maximum of four players in our party, and soloing was impossible, because the mobs were overtuned. All invasion points come with unique variable mechanics. Each Invasion Point has three stages. In the first one, you need to defeat Legion’s forces until the progress bar is at 100%, the second objective is variable depending on an Invasion Point and the last step is to kill a boss. We previewed all Invasion Point areas here and yesterday, we looked at Ice, now here’s Blood.

Invasion Point Blood

The fastest way to get there is by taking the Vindicaar Portal to Destiny Point > Krokuun.

The first objective is to destroy 3 Legion Blood Drainers. Once destroyed, they leave behind Bloody Pools that you should stand it to receive a 25% damage-increasing buff.

Variant A

A big Legion Command Ship will mark areas with Obliteration Beam

A massive beam sears the landscape, Inflicting 250,000 Fire damage to nearby enemies every 0.5 sec.

Legion Blood Drainers have the ability to Alert nearby enemies to attack you and this also applies to the Legion Command Ship’s Obliteration Beam.

Generally, you want to avoid the area affected by Obliteration Beam, destroy Legion Blood Drainers first to receive and maintain the Bloody Pools buff by standing in the pool when dealing with other mobs.

Variant B

When there’s no ship in the sky, all creatures within the Blood Invasion Point may have the Coalesced Power debuff that deals Shadow damage every second and the effect stacks, which is annoying and should be mitigated with CC.

With coalesced power, demon attacks have a chance to inflict an additional 15,000 Shadow damage every 1 sec. This effect stacks. Receiving any CC causes the demon to drop this gem.

Variant C

When there’s neither a ship, nor a debuff, you will see the following text when you destroy a Legion Blood Drainer: “As the machine erupts, something stirs beneath the surface”.

Deep Terrors will emerge from the ground and they have a smash that should be avoided and a standard melee attack. Tentacles are stationary and once you move out of their reach, they won’t be able to attack you, however, they will leave you in combat and more Deep Terrors will periodically appear at your location.

If you manage to have a lot of tentacles up, you can kite mobs into their attacks and they will be stunned and take damage from their hits.

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