iMac 5k Gaming World Of Warcraft | Gameplay FPS Test Benchmark

WOW gameplay test at 5k resolution on the new Retina iMac. I fly through the Jade Forest as requested by Edgar Wibeau in comments on my other gameplay video. I switch resolutions and settings along the way, then ride around town.

Other games I have tested on the new iMac 5k:

Diablo 3 gameplay on iMac 5k (i7 m295x)

Diablo 3 meets Retina iMac 5k Resolution (test and gameplay fps benchmark)

Starcraft II gameplay on iMac Retina

iMac 5K Starcraft 2 resolution test gameplay benchmark

Minecraft at 5k on the new iMac Retina

iMac 5k Minecraft Gameplay And Screen Capture Test (i7 m295x 16gb)

Eve Online gameplay coming soon…

If you have any game requests I will see what I can do. Ask in the comments.