Frost Festival: Free Arena Run & KOTF Packs – News

The Hearthstone Championship Tour has crowned its second champion of the year, and we now know four more of the players that will take part in the 2017 World Championship.

The Spring Championship, which was regarded by many as the highest level HCT event to date, was won by Hoej, who beat Kolento 3-0 in the final. The other two players to qualify for the World Championship were Ant and Neirea. They all join ShtanUdachi, Fr0zen, SamuelTsao, and DocPwn. Eight more slots are still to be decided, four will be decided in the Summer Championship, while four will go to the best points earners from each region.

Hoej’s lineup of Quest Rogue, Midrange Murloc Paladin, Evolve Shaman, and Pirate Warrior only lost one game in the knockout stages of the event. Kolento brought Jade Druid, Quest Rogue, Taunt Warrior, and Evolve Shaman.

Hoej with the trophy

This was also the championship where many players entered Choose Your Champion. Four packs will be awarded for people who picked Hoej and Kolento. Three packs for Ant and Neirea. The other players who progressed out of the group stages awarded two packs. Those group results are shown below:

Group A:   CitizenNappa (2-0),   Neirea (2-1),   Muzzy (1-2),   XHope (0-2)

Group B:   Kuonet (2-0),   Hoej (2-1),   Kranich (1-2),   Dogggg (0-2)

Group C:   Mage (2-0),   Kolento (2-1),   Trunks (1-2),   DiegoDias (0-2)

Group D:   Rdu (2-0),   Ant (2-1),   Tredsred (1-2),   JasonZhou (0-2)

As you can see, it was a bad event for the host region, China, and we will have to wait until the Summer Championship to see if they can bounce back.

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