Bananas Might Make You More Likely To Have A Baby Boy

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For years and years, people all over the world have relied on a variety of interesting ways to predict their baby’s gender.

These methods run the gamut from the baking soda test to your sleeping position, and moms-to-be everywhere have guessed their baby’s gender before giving birth.

Although the most reliable way to know your baby’s gender is to get an official ultrasound, there are a ton of old wives tales when it comes to baby gender prediction.

One of the most common old wives’ tales said  that if you ate a lot of bananas at the time of conception, you’re going to have a baby boy . Now, it may have just been proven true!

This rumor, that eating bananas before conceiving will make you more likely to have a baby boy, was recently looked at in a study in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, and it turns out there may be some legitimacy to it!

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For years, people have passed on the rumor that eating bananas before getting pregnant means you’ll be more likely to have a baby boy.

But is there any truth to this rumor?

banana peel

It turns out that this strange bit of folklore is, in fact, not a myth!

Eating more bananas, and more potassium in general, around the time of consumption, can increase your chances of having a baby boy.

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According to the study, which looked at 740 women during their first pregnancy, women who consumed more potassium, more sodium, and more calories in general were more likely to have baby boys rather than baby girls.

baby boy pregnant

The study explained, “individual mothers had a greater chance of bearing male offspring if their nutrient intake was high prior to conception.”

breakfast cereal

In addition to that interesting fact about general nutrient intake, the study also specified another fascinating piece of information: “The consumption of breakfast cereals was also strongly associated with having a male infant.”

cereal bowl

Yep, that’s right: breakfast cereal!

Some people speculate that it could be linked to iron levels; many breakfast cereals are fortified with iron.

So if you’re trying to conceive and are hoping for a boy, eat foods with more potassium (like bananas), sodium, and calories — and eat some extra breakfast cereal!

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Isn’t it fascinating that the food you consume around the time of conception can actually impact the gender of the baby you’re having?

But of course, the most important thing to hope for when having a little one is that they come out happy and healthy.

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