AC Adapter for Nintendo Switch – 5 FT (SUPPORT TV MODE)

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AC Adapter for Nintendo Switch – Perfect Substitute

Why do you need to buy it?

1. Plug in and power up! AC Adapter for Switch allows you to power your console. It also can be used to power the dock.
2. Nice for moving the switch around and leaving the dock on your dock.
3. You can keep it at your office to charge after your morning commute.
4. You can use it as an extra charger to play on your bed with.
5. Make a great replacement or back up power AC adapter for your Switch.


Input:100-240V;50/60 Hz;1A
Output:5.0V – 1.5A/15V – 2.6A
Cable length:5ft (1.5 Meters)


1.If your Nintendo Switch is out of power,you need to charge for an hour with AC adapter and after one hour your Switch will Auto Power On .

2.IT CAN SUPPORT TV MODE and HANDHELD MODE. It works for docking the switch and playing on a TV.(Not include Nintendo Switch)MUST HAVE: Compatible with Nintendo Switch.It can charge in both portable and dock mode.Great solution for players who need an extra charger.
ENJOY PLAYTIME: The AC adapter also allows you to recharge the battery, even while you play. It satisfy the needs of faster charging time and removable space.
FASTER CHARGING: High speed charging as official one. Recharges faster, lasts longer. Good for people who don’t want to constantly keep unplugging their adapter out of their entertainment consoles.
ENOUGH LENGTH: 5ft (1.5 Meters).When you play the switch in handheld mode, you don’t need to sit right on top of an outlet.
NOTE: IT CAN SUPPORT TV MODE and HANDHELD MODE. It works for docking the switch and playing on a TV.(NOT INCLUDE NINTENDO SWITCH)To see other accessories for the Nintendo Switch Console in our range, simply search ‘Fyoung’ in the search bar above.