6 Natural Depression Remedies That Will Change Your Life | The Guide to Beating Depression | Mental Health

Depression is a serious and devastating illness that can rob you of the pleasures and joys of life. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, over 15 million Americans are affected by major depressive disorder, and it is the leading cause of disability for those aged 15 to 44.

And what’s worse, not all bodies respond well to antidepressant medication. For some, the darkness of depression continues on, unabated, despite the best treatments. This can leave many feeling helpless, lost, and alone in their struggle.

Fortunately, you’re never as helpless as you might feel, and there are a number of things you can do that will work alongside counseling and medication to help you take back your life. These are natural, everyday activities in which anyone can participate.

What’s more, they’re incredibly effective—studies have shown, in fact, that some are just as effective as medication in improving mood.

These natural remedies do take a healthy dose of willpower, planning, and discipline, though, so we’re going to help you out by guiding you through each. So read on to find 6 natural depression remedies that will change your life and give you the power to rediscover your joy.

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