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Comment by gwendish

on 2017-02-16T09:56:01-06:00

my favorite holiday were on wow with my wife 🙂 farming together 🙂

Comment by Espon360

on 2017-02-16T09:56:45-06:00

I’d say my favourite holiday is Brewfest. I always get up early to see the Brewfest grounds spawn, and then spend the day getting drunk and eating all of the pretzels and sausages.

Plus, it’s fun to add an extra layer of challenge to raiding having your vision blurred, making it harder to see mechanics, and throwing off control of your character from time to time.

Comment by lpxauve

on 2017-02-16T09:57:27-06:00

Midsummer Fire Festival is the best one. it allow us to travel around all the world and it’s durring the summer!

Comment by CCwow

on 2017-02-16T09:57:43-06:00

Still hunting for my Big Love Rocket 😉

Comment by rbuffetta

on 2017-02-16T09:57:44-06:00

Feast of Winterveil since Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love doing all the related in game activities then opening presents on the 25th.

Comment by ChristalFir3

on 2017-02-16T09:57:52-06:00

Hallows End cause I love the creepy setting.

Comment by Photekz

on 2017-02-16T09:58:07-06:00

Day of the Dead

Comment by Avines

on 2017-02-16T09:58:33-06:00

Don’t worry if you don’t have friends to celebrate valenties, I don’t have either.

Favorite holiday in game : Noblegarden. I like to collect eggs during this event + the good feeling of upcoming summer.

Comment by nathrae

on 2017-02-16T09:59:19-06:00

My favorite? Hallow’s End! 🙂 I simply love the setting.

Comment by SlackerTD

on 2017-02-16T09:59:36-06:00

Brewfest was the first holiday I got into, still my favorite.

Comment by Jackpeculier

on 2017-02-16T09:59:42-06:00



Comment by Direwood

on 2017-02-16T09:59:52-06:00

The Christmas holiday events are a personal fav. Because….gifts! 😀

Comment by agibar

on 2017-02-16T10:00:09-06:00

Hallows End

Comment by norses

on 2017-02-16T10:00:13-06:00

Well, being a pandaren, Brewfest is my favorite by far!

Comment by Hemingray

on 2017-02-16T10:00:16-06:00

I think my favorite will always be Noblegarden. It was the first holiday I experienced when I started playing about 7 years ago and it will just always stick with me. Hunting down those Easter eggs and the unmistakable tinkling sound while you’re transformed into a rabbit. 🙂

Comment by Ivrandra

on 2017-02-16T10:00:57-06:00

My favorite in game holiday is Brewfest. I have a lot of happy memories of silly shenanigans as a roleplayer during that holiday. The mischief my friends and I get into together is something I look forward to every year with Brewfest.

Comment by RaefWolfe

on 2017-02-16T10:01:02-06:00

Probably brewfest. I gotta get me that kodo! 🙂

Comment by imperialpotato

on 2017-02-16T10:01:05-06:00

I think hallow’s end is probably my favorite. I started playing wow a few months before october 2012 and hallow’s end is what actually showed me the the entire map. I had a lot of fun running around with my brother to each of the buckets as he taught me everything he knew about the zones. (I’ve since become much more of a nerd for lore)

Comment by Kavych

on 2017-02-16T10:01:21-06:00

Hallow’s End!

Comment by NefarianZ

on 2017-02-16T10:01:39-06:00

Midsummer Fire Festival! It’s just a great event, with lots of stuff to do and it just feels so good listening to the music as you dance around the Fire Tree and just chill out. Always loved it, and always will love it.

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